Formerly Known As: So Tonight Went Well Part II

Start by reading this.

Round 2 started this morning.  I met the wrecker at the grocery store at 9am.  That went well.  It was an old buddy of my family from our days in Little League baseball.  We got the car to the shop and all was good.  A couple hours later we get a call from the shop, owned by another friend from our Little League days.  Apparently the problem was the cable coming off the battery was dirty enough that it corroded slightly, shorting the battery before it could reach the starter.  It took 5 minutes to fix the problem and the car works.

My mother comes home to pick me up so I can take her to pick up her car.  We jump in my car, it had rained a bit earlier in the day.  We get to within 200 feet of the shop entrance.  I’m slowing down to stop at the stop sign at the corner.  The car coming at me spins out… fish tails… it swerves to its right… its swerves left at me… I turn out of the way… she clips her driver’s side back panel across my driver’s side back panel… she spins around… she slides into the ditch… and its over.  It happened so quickly, I didn’t really realize what had happened until right before the hit.

My truck wasn’t that badly damaged.  It was just swiped, so there is a small dent and a good amount of scratching.  The contact didn’t even jar me or my mother in the front cab.  The girl driving the other car was alright too.  We pulled over and checked out the other driver.  She ended up not speaking English.  Luckily enough a passerby stopped by to talk to her.  The girl was fine, just scared and driving her sister’s car.  Another guys stopped by to act as a witness if need be.  Apparently mother knows his wife through PTA.

We ended up calling the police to file an accident report.  It took forever for the police to show up.  You’d think being 5 minutes from the station, it’d be quick.  But apparently the police station is way understaffed.  We had a police officer show up within 15 minutes, but he was just passing by on his way home and not the officer taking care of us.  He was a good guy and just kept everyone calm.  Another ten to fifteen minutes later our squad car arrived with two police officers.  One of the officers was a new guy.  He was all about getting the paperwork right – not that that is a bad thing.

We got things going, filled out the reports, traded insurance, information, and everything else.  It was a good time… not.  I did get to see a Mexican driver’s liscense, which was pretty cool.  My mother couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  Then again she probably couldn’t make heads or tails of a Texas driver’s lisence.  The girl ended up being in the country legally, so no big deal.  I called their insurance company as soon as I got home.  We had to verify that their insurance was real.  Sometimes illegals will buy insurance and immediately cancel it after they get the cards.  That way they have proof of insurance if they are ever pulled over.

Things appear to have panned out alright.  No one was hurt, there was only minor damage to both vehicles, and my mother’s car was alright.  I greatly hope that tomorrow night will not be half as exciting.


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