Google Reader Defines My Day

For those of you not familar with what I do to keep myself occupied all day long when not in class – I know you’re out there – I’ve become addicted to Google Reader. Reader acts as an RSS compiler for blogs, news, and anything else I find interesting (including my own blog). It takes every post, and depending on the source, displays the full article or at least a short summary. No longer do I lose track of funny or informative sites over breaks or long posting droughts. It’s a rather awesome feature and I highly suggest it. As you might notice, my “” feed is actually the RSS of my shared items from my reader account. I’ll get into some of those in later posts. For now, I was having some fun looking at some statistics.


Google Reader also lets me track how I view its information. Under the trends options, you can view when articles are posted and when they are read.

My Last 30 Days

My Last 30 Days

Here we can definitely see the normal weeks. The start of the chart is a bit of an anomoly. I was out of internet contact while visiting the girlfriend. Missed a day of reading and had to go double time upon getting back home. This last week was also signing day for college football, so quite a few of my reader subscriptions were posting at extremely high rates. Those will probably drop dramatically as we enter the slow offseason of college football.

By Day of the Week (last 30 days)

By Day of the Week (last 30 days)

Go figure, more posting during the week, with a heavy emphasis earlier in the week. I’m somewhat surprised by the reading deficit on Mondays. This might just be me blowing past boring news articles posted that recap the weekend. I don’t know.

By Time of Day

By Time of Day

This is by far the most interesting. The 9am hour is the big one here. This is for two reasons. 1) On Monday and Wednesday, I have my first break from class at 9:15am. I generally spend the 15 minutes in the computer lab checking updates. 2) I wake up at 9am every other day of the week… obviously. The 2pm spike is my lunch break on Monday and Wednesday, so it absorbs some of the earlier posts on those two days, which happen to be the highest two posting periods during the week. The 4pm spike is me getting home from class. What interests me is the spike at 8pm. I have no idea what caused this. At first I thought it might have been me getting home from umpire training school, but I wasn’t getting home until well after 9pm. Something else that struck me as odd was the post read at 4am. This was probably the night I went out to Sherlock’s. That’s the only time I’ve seen 4am in months.

What does it mean?

Absolutely nothing. I just found my own habits to be interesting.  I took these snap shots of my trends a few days ago.  Since then I’ve increased my subscriptions by 10.  Mainly NY Times and New Scientists feeds.  You may start noticing more of those popping up in  Good stuff.


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