Bravo Commercials

Quick post in a kind of flow of thoughts format:

I really can’t stand these commercials on Bravo.  I really like Top Chef, but I’m being force-fed these commercials for Class Reunion.  Who watches that crap?  What kind of people sign up for that sort of idiocy?  I just don’t get it.  And what the hell is this Millionaire Matchmaker bull crap.  Love shows don’t work.  It’s ridiculous.  I wish I had TIVO so I could just skip through these commercials.  I’m thinking about getting one of the TV to computer transmitters so I can treat my computer as a TIVO box.  I just don’t know enough about the technology or the companies that make those products.  All I know is if I see another Class Reunion commerc… nevermind, one is on now.  Ugh.

Top Chef semi-final starts in 40 minutes.  There may be some posting during or after on my general thoughts.  Despite my stomach being upset today, the show is making my appetitie return.

GLAMBITION IS NOT A WORD!  God I hate commericals.


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