Blue Screen of Death!

Today started well at least. Michigan beat St. Johns 4-2. Eric Katzman went a career high 7 innings, giving up only one run. His breaking stuff was near unhittable. Dufek came in and got the save by pitching the last two innings, only giving up 1 run. Dufek did get the team’s first golden sombrero (4 Ks) of the year however, and came very close to the 5-gallon hat (5 Ks).

Basketball was less than awesome, they had the lead in Iowa, then blew it. They had the ball to end the game with 22 seconds left, all they needed was a 2pter to seal the deal. They instead just danced around and Manny Harris clunked one at the buzzer, off-balance, way past the line, and nearly no look. It was ugly. Iowa went on a 14-2 run in OT to win. So bad.

Meanwhile, I’m writing my Death of a Salesman paper.  I think I was overloading my bandwidth with my stream of the game going in the background (I hate not having BTN after having for over a year).  Well the overload caused my computer, and every other computer on my network, to have the blue screen of death… four times in 2 hours.  The first one lost me over a page on my paper.  While recovering that, I had the second blue screen of death… that one screwed up my whole essay file.  I went to open it and it was said to be “unreadable.”  So I lost 3 pages of essay.

This sucks.


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