Formerly For: German Students

This will be one of those posts where I make a commentary on a particular article from  The internet has been somewhat slow today, so its as good of time as any to do the first one of these.

Article: FRIENDSWOOD ISD: German students qualify for state
SourceHouston Chronicle: Local News – Pearland/Alvin/Friendswood
Date Found:  24 February 2009

Image from

Image from

So the title of this article about threw me for a loop to start with.  The semantics of the title naturally made me think students from Germany qualify for some sort of aid, or perhaps there is some sort of students from Germany consortium where they compete in some sort of Beer Fest or schnitzel eating competition.

Obviously that thought got me to read not just the article but to delve deeper into what the hell the article may be talking about.  Come to find out it’s actually students who study German who are competing, which is equally as baffling, but much less awesome.  So I went on a google search to find out what this is all about.

Apparently, German Clubs at high schools across Texas compete in academic and artistic areas related to German culture at regional levels in hopes of reaching the state competition in Austin (this upcoming Saturday).

Categories include oral tests, written tests on comprehension and vocabulary, poetry and prose reading, drama (skits, duets, puppet shows, and plays), music (choir, individual, ensembles, polka dancing, and folk dance), art (doll costume, needlework, gingerbread houses, scrapbook, t-shirt, photo essay, video, and poster design), essay, scavenger hunt, and quiz bowl.  Dear lord thats some awesome categories.  I’m kind of disappointed food isn’t at least involved.  I can understand beer being banned, but come on, what’s a fest without some schniztel?

Who knew this kind of stuff even existed?  My high school stopped teaching German around my freshman year.  The hispanic influence in Texas pushes many students to take Spanish just because it is so much more valuable in the work place.  I could see German being big around Fredricksburg where there is strong German roots, but in the Houston area?  Wow.


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