UNF In Game Update

It’s the bottom of the 4th, Michigan down 3-2. They’ve scored both runs since I’ve started listening to the audio at mgoblue. I hate myself for leaving right now, but hope for the best. Live stats are available at UNF’s website. I hate that gametracker / cbs college sports has fallen off so badly in just a year.

3 run single by Cislo, we’re up 5-3.  Thats good enough for me, im out.

Side note: Berset is in the “designated blood jersey” #18. Sign me up for wearing that jersey all year long; BLOOD JERSEY!  Berset does appear to be okay though.

UPDATE (9:37pm):  Michigan pulled out the close one 9-8.  Looks like they got another run in the 4th and 3 in the 5th.  They gave up 4 in the 7th, which can’t be good.  Mid week games are going to give all teams hell this year.   Texas A&M lost to Cenetary College already this week.  Looks like we just avoided catching the midweek bug too.


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