Busy Day

Today is a waste in terms of content. I had a pair of mid-day games at Bellaire (who doesn’t have an outfield fence). Summary: Westbury’s sophomore team is awful. They made 4 outs the entire game. Bellaire’s freshman team just let them come in and bat after scoring 10-12 runs each inning. We got 2.5 innings over 2 hours. I think the final was 28-0. Thank god for time limits.

Game 2 was a bit better. North Shore’s JV team played the same Bellaire team. I don’t know what the final score was, but I believe the Cardinals (Bellaire) won by a run or two. The North Shore team just looked pitted against each other. Their short stop was just moved down from the varsity team for poor fielding. He seemed like a poison to the rest of his infield.

We did have blood, too. The North Shore second baseman tried a Snoopy catch and was cut along his jaw. He ended up okay, I just think it’s odd that every other game I’ve umpired has had a kid leave the game due to injury. I certainly don’t remember people getting hurt that much growing up. Weird.

College Classic Weekend

Living in Houston does have some perks outside of just having 80 degree weather in February. One of these is the surplus of college baseball in the area. Outside of Rice and U of H, Houston also is the host of the Minute Maid College Classic. This year the 6 team field includes 5(!) top 10 teams. THAT’S AWESOME! I’ve got a couple games tomorrow (10am & 12pm), but as soon as I get out, I’m headed to the ball park to see some of the top teams at work.

Unfortunately, this will put me a little behind in terms of getting my previews and recaps out, but I think it would be beneficial to a future post I have planned discussing how Michigan compares to the rest of the nation. We’ll see.

For now I have a girlfriend I need to call. Catch up with you guys tomorrow.


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