Random Find: Subtle Butts

March 29, 2009

Game is expected to start at either 3pm or 4pm as Iowa is trying to get the field ready.  For now, enjoy this.. or not, the choice is yours. -FA

I was forwarded an article in the Chicago Sun Times yesterday about a recent sponsor of several minor league ballparks.  And while my friend was more interested in the all you can eat greasy food, the actual subject matter of the article left him tickled.

The sponsor is Subtle Butt, makers of an odor absorbant pad that can be attached directly to your underwear to cut down on flatulence odors.  Its a great idea, and it apparently found the perfect market.  Check out the CST post.  The commerical above was just too funny not to share.  Enjoy.


And Its Even

March 29, 2009

Iowa took game two of the three game set yesterday 2-1 in a game that featured temperatures dipping into the 20s.  Mgoblue summarized the offensive output of the Wolverines as:

Michigan threatened to score a number of times, putting runners at third in the second, third and fifth innings but were unable to push a run across.

I think that adequately describes the team as a whole since the end of the Big10/BigEast Challenge.  We give ourselves ample opportunity to score but never get the runs across.  First pitch is tenatively scheduled in 2 hours.  The bad weather has cleared out of the way, but they did get some snow and freezing rain overnight.  Temperature right now is 32 (22 in the wind) with expected high of 37.  Winds continue from the NW at 15-25 miles an hour.

Quadruple Header

March 28, 2009

I’m out of the house for some quality time on the baseball diamond.  Very unlikely I get anything accomplished here today as I’ll be gone from 930am to 1030pm chasing the almighty dollar.

Stay thirsty my friends, and Go Blue.

We’ve Got an Indian Trails Bus Sighting

March 27, 2009

That was the call of Assistant Sports Information Director Matt Fancett in the 7th inning, and apparently it was enough to rally the Wolverines today as they took on Iowa. The team bus, the Indian Trails charter bus, made it all the way to Iowa City fine, but the day after the drive, the bus had problems and couldn’t transport the team from the hotel to the stadium.

The team sputtered out of the game, collecting several hits, but never having the big inning. In the first inning, Iowa start Nick Brown went 1-2-3 through the top of the order on just 13 pitches.  Cislo, who is ranked nationally for fewest strikeouts per at bat, and Fellows both K’d to start the game, and LaMarre was robbed of a single by Brown who showed he can also field his position well, grabbing a line shot right at him.  Chris Fetter even came out in this game looking a little shaky.  Fetter gave up 3 hits (one double) and a walk in the inning, allowing 3 runs – all earned.  Iowa came out swinging but Michigan wasn’t going down without a fight.

In the top of the second, Michigan answered right back, capitalizing on a Hawkeye error to open the inning.  The tone was set on the opening pitch of the inning when Mike Dufek lined a hard grounder at the first basemen, who couldn’t come up with the ball.  McLouth followed up with a single and Oaks walked to load the bases, setting up John Lorenz with a big RBI opportunity.  Lorenz fell short of the RBI, but in name only.  Dufek would score when Lorenz grounded into a 6-4-3 double play (double plays negate RBIs).  Timmy Kal closed out the scoring in the 2nd with an RBI single to score McLouth.

Fetter also came out more focused in the second inning.  Over the next 8 innings (yes, he threw a complete game), Fetter would allow only 2 more baserunners, both from singles; one of those baserunners was caught stealing, therefore only causing Fetter to face 25 batters in 8 innings.  Fetter was absolutely dealing.  He struck out 9 batters on the day while inducing 10 ground ball outs.  That’s a pretty solid total.  He’s definitely the player of the game.

Michigan got the go ahead run in the 8th after starter Nick Brown was relieved by Schatz.  Schatz didn’t give up a hit in the inning, but he did have two hit batsmen and a walk, allowing Kevin Cislo to fly out just deep enough into center to get pinch runner Nick Urban in safely.

I think Coach Dahm at Iowa explained it least best:

“We didn’t make many mistakes tonight, but the mistakes we did make they (Michigan) capitalized on them.

I’ll have this cleaned up and with the rest of the vitals in the full recap on Monday.  I just feel like there needs to be some good news on the Michigan blogosphere after the hockey team lost in the first round of the NCAAs.  At least baseball didn’t fail me.

“I Disagree With These Experts!”

March 27, 2009

Science wins… but check out this guy (who spouted out the title of this article) arguing that evolution isn’t supported by the fossil record:

Video from Texas Freedom Network Speaking of them, they have a liveblog of the events in the meeting. Great quality stuff.

Texas is Kansas: Final Debate

March 27, 2009

Dave Mann is continuing his watch of the debate from the Texas Legislature.  I’m not sure if he’ll be updating his post titled “Once More Unto the Breach” or if he will post something new.   Either way, the social conservatives are continuing their push, this time with synonyms:

The board is about to consider an amendment by Cynthia Dunbar that would require students to examine evidence “supportive and not supportive” of scientific explanations.

I guess if they can’t have strengths and weaknesses, they’ll try for supportive and not supportive.  I’ll be watching the Texas Observer and a few other Texas Politics sites throughout the day for updates.  I really hope I don’t have to rant again.

Rant: Texas is Kansas

March 26, 2009

Preface: I wrote this last night, and it appears… maybe, just maybe, science will win.  If something pops up you can expect a rant of much less cohesiveness… and after looking this back over… that could be tough to top.


If you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of activity in former.ly.cious about the recent bantering within the State of Texas legislature and other bureaucratic branches.  Texas is so anti-big-government that they only allow lawmakers meet for 140 days at a time once every 2 years.  Everything from the two-year budget to the thousands of bills seeking an audience must be discussed, reviewed, and voted on in the 140 day window, or it disappears for two years.  Even if it does pass, our governor has line item veto power even after the state legislature has adjourned, meaning the bill dies until the next meeting.  It’s dumb, but it is what it is.

The big news coming out this week is the Board of Education panel who is deciding the curriculum taught by state science teachers for the next few years.  Texas is well on its way to becoming the next Kansas when it comes to jokes about the state’s total lack of scientific belief.  Today, after several votes denying the mandatory study of the “weaknesses” of evolution, the vote started to swing the other way.

The 15 person panel that decides the future of Texas education is currently comprised of 7 “social conservatives,” 7 people opposing the mandatory creationism education, and one guy who is generally against the creationism eduction, but comes from a highly religious district that may pressure him to at least concede to some “socially conservative” viewpoints.   Most votes have finished at 8-7 in favor of real science (non-social conservatives don’t have an official “group title,” so I’m siding them with science, as they apparently do know something about what they are voting on).

Like I said though, today brought a little bit of a change in the way things had been going in the meetings.  The one swing vote himself made amendments to the groups proposed legislation including eliminating any reference to the world being over a billion years old and adding material about holes in the fossil record (what?).  This is a bad sign.

The final vote on the material is expected to come tomorrow, which in Texas Politics means late next weekend.  Not only does the debate sometimes get intense, but religious zealots are interrupting the processions yelling things like “my grandpa wasn’t a monkey.”  Yes, that was yelled in the middle of the procession.  The people brought in to speak are treating the legislative group with respect and have offered every piece of evidence they can to show that evolution is a solid theory through and through, but they continue to be harassed by the religious right.

I struggle mightily understanding how people can be so stupid about accepting evolution.  I understand religion has its place, but even the pope and the Catholic Church as a whole accepts evolution as a truth.  America and its 86% or so who either aren’t sure or don’t believe in evolution need to get a clue.