How Long Until Dufek and McLouth Switch? Why Not.

Pre-post update: Maloney made the switch for the game this morning, so this is kind of past due. I’m posting it anyways just so I get my ideas across. He also switched Fellows and Toth. I like the idea as Fellows is hitting well enough to deserve the bump, and Toth still gets on base often enough despite the lower batting average where he works in the 9 hole really, really well. I’m off to Minute Maid. I’ve already missed my last chance to see UCI. Too bad. Hopefully I catch something as good as yesterday’s triple play or the 2-hit shut out by Rice’s starter.


I’m going to add a new tag, “baseball opinions,” for these types of articles.  These are my opinions on the direction of certain players on the baseball team.  At this time, I’m not certain I want to cross post these to Varsity Blue as these are personal opinions based just on what I see, and may not be true representations of the team.  The last thing I want is for the masses to confuse my previews and recaps with my opinion.  So for now, these stay here, and if/when I think the time is right, I will refine these opinions into something for Varsity Blue when I feel comfortable with it.  Example, the article early this morning was written last night, and today, with a little bit more information, I think I’ve had a fairly different opinion after thinking about it over night.  I may make a small post about it in my Monday recap on VB. –FA

I got an email response from Matt Fancett, the Assistant Director of Media Relations and guy in the booth for mgoblue’s audio broadcast in regards to my thoughts.  He also writes for mgoblue’s baseball section.  I have to say I somewhat agree with his sentiments, so I’ll share them here.

Matt made a case for Dufek to stay in 4 hole, if anything to see more strikes in the h0pe that he breaks this current funk and starts to bring up his average.  I see the idea in this, but at the same time, it should be a fairly short leash in my opinion*.  Dufek only batted .325 last year in his half season of starts.  His power numbers weren’t quite there either, with only 6 doubles and 3 homeruns.  While his homerun pace for a full season is between 6 and 15, McLouth’s currently are projecting higher.  So is his average.

I could very easily see these two staying in the same spot just for consistency in the lineup.  Sometimes making a switch when teams are hitting well can be extremely detrimental to team chemistry, or even make Dufek less sure of himself.  He might start swinging at pitches that are out of his zone to try and prove to everyone he shouldn’t have moved down, or that he should move up in the lineup.  The team doesn’t need that either.

So yeah, there’s a good chance we never see this move.  I’m alright with it for now, and I’m sure Maloney will watch the two players and their progress.  The best thing we can hope for, obviously, is Dufek just heating up and playing to his potential the rest of the season.

*This is squarely my opinion, and should be taken as what its worth… that of a fan who knows a little bit of baseball, but not the players themselves.


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