Classic Update

The UH kid who was hit in the face was released from the hospital.  He’s out at least 8 weeks with a broken right orbital bone in his eye?  Poor kid, he was the best player on the team lately.



3 Responses to Classic Update

  1. Other Chris says:

    Oh, ouch. I hope the broken bone is the worst of it. I liked your classic summary, btw, especially the part about the Aggie fans.

  2. formerlyanonymous says:

    Yeah, the Aggies haven’t been a power in a while. They’ve been resurrected of late, but their fans just haven’t figured out how to be good fans. They should stick to their occult… I mean football team. Yay for little kids who are smarter than 22 year olds.

  3. k*sta says:

    my mom works with the head trainer at UH’s wife, and she said that he’s most likely going to have some kind of surgery on it, not sure if he can see out of it yet…

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