We Don’t Deserve This

This’ll make the big site tomorrow, perhaps with a weekly release update. -FA

Polls are in. Somehow Michigan stills shows up in three of them.  You’re guess is as good as mine on how we didn’t even drop in the Collegiate Baseball poll.  The Coaches’ Poll (USA Today/ESPN)’s last week was technically the preseason, so our initial start is why we went up.  Also, we faced two of the coaches voting in that poll, in Jacksonville’s Alexander Terry (who we beat 21-3 and lost 10-2) and St. John’s Ed Blankenmeyer (a team we shut down despite being an offensive juggernaut).  Another note, while pointless right now, I included the Ping! Poll in the chart.  May we one day be in it.

Poll Current LW
NCBWA 28 25
Collegiate Baseball 28 28
BaseballAmerica NR NR
Ping!Baseball NR NR
Rivals NR NR
USA Today/ESPN 32* 37*

*In others receiving votes section

BigTenHardball details their all weekend team.  I can’t argue with any omissions like I did last week with collegebaseball360.  BTH’s Brian does some quality work.  Dufek might have warranted a honorable mention for his work in the bullpen, but it wasn’t that much of an oversight.  Michigan showed up as follows.

  • 2B – Kevin Cislo
  • OF – Ryan LaMarre
  • BN – Anthony Toth
  • BN – Jake McLouth
  • 4th SP – Chris Fetter

Something else stands out in the list, and the rankings for that matter:  Ohio State has come out of near nowhere to start the season and is playing some high quality ball.  I figured them to be a candidate to vie with Indiana for third in the conference, but now… watch out.

Pythagorean TheoremHappy Valley Hardball but out their first look at the Pythagorean Theorem for team winning percentages.  The idea is that winning percentage is a function of runs scored and runs allowed.  Currently Michigan shows up as third best in the conference, in a power poll sort of way.  The emphasis on Penn State is obviously his.

Team Runs Scored Runs Allowed Pyth % Delta
1 Ohio State 67 42 0.718 -0.282
2 Illinois 47 31 0.697 -0.136
3 Michigan. 73 58 0.613 -0.165
4 Indiana 38 31 0.600 0.000
5 Minnesota 40 35 0.566 -0.148
6 Purdue 42 45 0.466 0.132
7 Michigan St 23 37 0.279 0.112
8 Penn State 25 42 0.262 -0.024
9 Northwestern 29 52 0.237 -0.013
10 Iowa 22 58 0.126 -0.041

Baseball Programming Update.  I’ve got another pretty busy weekend planned this time around.  I plan to have the Siena update out late Thursday night.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the Mets if anything.  If anything comes out in the weekly release, I’ll be sure to let you know.  It should be out today or tomorrow.


4 Responses to We Don’t Deserve This

  1. Other Chris says:

    So, this bench designation — does it just take into account hitting stats? Because Toth had a whopping seven errors on the weekend — 2 Friday, 1 Saturday, and 4 Sunday.

  2. formerlyanonymous says:

    I think you’re looking at the assist numbers… not the errors.

  3. Other Chris says:

    No, I looked wrong at the boxscores (hasty — things were bad but not THAT bad) and going back to check Toth had an error on Friday, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. So, should those count against him in this category?

  4. formerlyanonymous says:

    I would agree, but I couldn’t tell you how any other Big10 player has performed this week. We may see Toth play more second base instead of short stop in the coming weeks. Hopefully things get fixed one way or another.

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