Weekend Stream of Conciousness

As of 6pm today, the girlfriend has returned to her home and I have returned to my regularly scheduled internet time.  It was a hell of a long weekend, which actually turned out really well.

While most of my time was spent here at home lounging with her, I did make it out to a few different things around town. On Saturday, the girlfriend, two other friends, and myself made the trek out to Saint Arnold’s Brewery on the northwest side of town.  I was surprised by the speed at which the lines were moving.  Last year when I went, I was only able to get 2 glasses of beer.  This year I was able to redeem all 4 beer tokens.  It was great.  I wish I had known that I had to have a Saint Arnold’s mug to get them to fill that.  They have a policy that if you buy one of their mugs, they’ll fill it up instead of the 1/2 pint glasses you get with the tour.  I brought mugs, but since they weren’t Saint Arnold’s, I had no luck.

After the brewery, I made my first trip to the rodeo this season.  This was the first Saturday of the 25+ day event, and Trace Adkins was the performer.  The place was packed, the music was meh, and the food was delicious.  I had some jerky, an onion blossom, and some other candy.  The girlfriend and I had the best time just walking the shops and animal pens.  Watching chickens hatch was her favorite activity, mine was listing all the ways I’d like to eat the animals.

Sunday, we spent a good part of the morning in Galveston at the beach.  There weren’t that many people down there this weekend.  I guess people didn’t want to mess with driving down I-45 since part of it is closed completely for construction.  After about 3 hours napping in the sun, we had to pack it up and head for home.  We did stop and step into the water for a second, it was so ridiculously cold my feet nearly cramped up.  I don’t know how those kids were playing in the water.  Crazy.

The reason we really had to make it home was my mother dearest planning a dinner with her parents and my girlfriend.  I really don’t enjoy spending time with my mother’s side of the family.  They are a bit honery and inquisitive; they just “grind my gears” sometimes.  Dinner actually didn’t go as bad as I (or either of my sisters, as they called me to wish me luck) had expected.  The grandparents didn’t go off on any ridiculous rants or discuss politics (thank god).  They really liked the girlfriend, so hopefully all is well there.

The rest of the weekend was lying in bed watching movies, so it was pretty uneventful.  Did watch the Big Lebowski again; that never gets old.  So now its off to bed.  Tomorrow during the day should be pretty light posting.  I’ve got an exam at 8am, I’m tutoring a friend in physics at noon, and will get home to relax and post later in the day (5pm? later?).  I’ve got quite a bit of baseball to catch up on, plus a preview of Arizona to work on.  Busy day or so.  This weekend looks fairly busy as its the last tournament weekend for umpiring.  My scheduler may have me work 4 games in a row on Friday.  If that happens, I may not be around too much.  Hopefully my writing gets better by the time I start to post more.  I can already look at this post and just tell it sucked.  Well, hope you at least enjoyed reading it… as pointless as it was.

YAY for spring break starting tomorrow at 4pm.


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