March Madness

So there’s been a lack of posting here the last few days. It’s spring break and I’ve spent a little more time posting over at Varsity Blue than I have been here.

On top of that I’ve been sidetracked with umpiring and testing out a new stat tracking software pack. I like the potential of the new software, but I don’t think I’m going to use it. I think the company advertises almost too truthfully. Paraphrased: “Is it the easiest to use? No. Is it the most powerful? Absolutely.” Input is kind of rough unless I walk through every at bat with its sister software. Even then, it wants balls and strikes on every play, which I don’t have.

This weekend is a pretty busy one for me too. Today I’ve started off poorly by immersing myself in college basketball. The tournament bracket is going pretty well so far. I’m 2/3 on today’s action, and only my California pick is in real jeopardy of being wrong in the second set of games.

Tonight I’m headed up to Reliant to see Pat Green, so very little posting will occur today. I might have a celebratory post for Michigan if they knock off Clemson, but probably not. If I get anything out tonight it’ll be the IPFW preview.

Add on top of that I have an exam and paper due on Monday, this weekend is way too unproductive.

Go Blue!


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