Radio Announcers

Note: This isn’t meant to be malicious.  It was just frustrating all game long.  I fully expect better sooner or later

Before I even get into the recap, can I just have my say on the announcers.  The two guys who did the game today were definitely a bit out of season with baseball.  While many of you might have been lucky enough to see the game in person, I was stuck with the two home announcers.  Here’s a list of general things that just confounded me:

  • They didn’t have a lineup for IPFW with them until nearly the third time through the lineup.  You could hear them as they um… ehrr… uh..’d as they stretched their necks around to see the batters number to have any idea who was coming up.  You’d think they’d have a scorecard with them so they can keep track of the previous at bats and batters.  Perhaps there would be a name on their for easy access.  There wasn’t.  While this complaint may seem petty, I really think this is what really set me off.
  • The color guy … where do I start?  Along with problems of talking into the mic way too closely or way too far creating huge variances in loudness, the guy really didn’t add a single scrap of anything to the whole broadcast.  While it wasn’t quite as bad as the play-by-play guy in the youtube below this, but it was as close to the color commentary equivalent.
  • The play-by-play guy stuttered and stumbled his way through nearly every play for the first 4 innings.  There were stretches of the whole game where I had no idea what the heck was happening.  All of a sudden I hear “he paints the black there for a ball – no, its smashed up the middle as Cislo dives toward first base, it bounces off the wall, strike three he’s out.”  That was all one play.  Okay, it wasn’t really that bad, but the guy was jumping all over the place trying to get to some other baseball cliche.
  • The color guy, in his brightest move of the day, says he doesn’t want to talk because he doesn’t want to look like an idiot on the air.  Irony.  Awesome.
  • The play-by-play guy goes to open up an inning and he introduces himself, then admits flat out that he doesn’t know his partner’s name.

In defense of the play-by-play guy, he was almost serviceable by the 9th inning.  Hopefully the two get a little bit better as the season goes along. Once they actually get to know each other, things should improve.  And I mean, it’s not like they’re the worst announcer/sideline reporter Michigan sports has ever had.

Back to you guys! That never gets old.  So here’s looking to a better season from the announcers.  May Matt Fancett make his triumphant return to the box soon.


3 Responses to Radio Announcers

  1. Other Chris says:

    I read this shortly after you posted it, and I’ll make time to listen to the broadcast on MGoBlue. Also, I saw your tweets about them the next day — how did you decide they had read this?

  2. Joe says:

    Give a write-up of the broadcast on Wednesday.

  3. formerlyanonymous says:

    @OC, I got an email from someone related to the broadcast. They got a good laugh out of the post. Said there was like 6 students in the booth while it was happening because they were all too excited about getting a chance to work the game. From what I gather, they had an equipment shortage until game 3 when they got a second headset. The quality has gone way up in just three games.

    @Joe, I’d prefer to stick with as much of the sport content as I can. The broadcast was particularly frustrating in the game, which is why it got a mention here. If it’s good, I’ll do the same thing I do at VarsityBlue, acknowledge the good work and move on. If there’s a particular reason otherwise, shoot me an email at formerlyanonymous at the google mail.

    And actually, the game is bumped to Tuesday, I won’t be at home to catch it. I’ll try to catch it later, but no promises.

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