Captain’s Corner Says Come to Games

Chris Fetter had the most recent blog post for the Captain’s Corner of the Michigan Baseball team. While I’m a few days late on catching this, he made his appeal for taking in a game at the Fish.  I’ll highlight a few of his reasons here, and leave it up to you, or at least those of you close enough to make it to the game to make it out there.

1. Proximity to the game and players. For $5-$7, you can be face to face with some of the best ball players in the country and even get close enough to talk to us, or have your children get autographs (just not during the game, of course).

2. Hot Dog Eating contest and other events thrown on by the marketing department. Three hours of baseball makes for a long game and they do a great job of keeping the fans into the experience between innings. Our marketing crew is second to none, and I guarantee you that they will make sure you and your family have a great time at one of our games with all the activities they have planned.

3. Plate songs … the 10 seconds of a song that a batter chooses to play when they walk to the plate have been known to define a player in the past and they give you a little taste of their personality.

4. Comfy stadium style seats with ROOM. Also, good views from any seat. This is not a knock on the football seats at all, but if you have more than 12 inches of space in your seat at the Big House, then you must be a VIP. At the “Fish,” $6 turns you into VIP status!

5. Nothing will beat a hot dog at the ball field and while I have yet to try a dog at the “Fish,” I have heard they are great.

Do as you’re captain commands.  Make it out to the Fish this year, especially you students who get in for free.  Give our team the crowds they deserve.


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