Getting Tired of Social Networks?

Far from the Twittering crowd
Several Americans are tiring of online social networks
April 9, 2009, 1:33AM

Lots of good stuff coming through the today, including this article on a growing number of people becoming “online sociability fatigued” or “ambivalent networkers.” Basically, these people are growing away from the large social networking trends of facebook and twitter. I can’t blame them, I’m one of them myself. I’ve gone so far as to deactivate my facebook account. I’m alright with twitter, but with the rumor of buyout from google looming to bring more changes (twitter beta woo!), I’m not certain how long I’ll keep twitter either.

As for facebook, cutting the ties was a bit stressful. How do you disconnect yourself from a tool that could potentially be so valuable? How do you leave behind the one place that connects you to all of your friends for the last 6 years, many of whom you will just forget about otherwise? It was hard. In the end, I finally got fed up enough with the multiple mass changes in just a few months. I felt as if facebook was trying too hard to please the myspace and twitter crowds. It became a cluttered mess that wasn’t worth my time. I visited once every two weeks generally, never doing anything substantial. Why leave my information open on the internet for just that? It wasn’t worth it, I left.

I guess this article just made me feel a bit better about doing it.


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