Wallace Returns to UH

UH’s Wallace on a tear since eye-opening injury
Cougars catcher has made a remarkable comeback since taking a fastball to the face
By JOSEPH DUARTE Houston Chronicle
April 8, 2009, 11:52PM

Good news came out of the University of Houston Cougars team this week with the return of starting catcher Chris Wallace.  Wallace was knocked out of a game at the Minute Maid College Classic against Texas A&M.  I was at the game, and watching the fastball connect to his cheek made me hurt from the stands.  The sound the impact made was a thud that echoed throughout the stadium, truly sickening.

The good news is after a couple procedures and some off time, Wallace has returned to the plate for Houston, and has excelled pretty well.  A couple quick points from the article:

“Wallace[…] is hitting .435 with four homers and 16 RBIs in five games and was named Conference USA hitter of the week.”

“The impact of the ball was so severe it crushed Wallace’s sinus cavity. It also caused a broken eye socket, cheekbone and nose that may require additional surgery this summer. There is no guarantee he will regain feeling in the right side of his face.”

There’s a video interview with the kid on the Chronicle’s article page.  The kid appears to be keeping it positive, and will be sporting a “Rip Hamilton-like mask” when he plays first base.


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