Today Sucks a Little Less

May 18, 2009

Two things made today better.

The first thing was getting back out on the volleyball court.  Volleyball has always been a weird fixation for me.  I thoroughly enjoy women’s volleyball as a spectator… who can beat a group of girls in spandex?  Men’s volleyball is awe-inspiring.  The height those guys get up to, and the ability to slam the ball so quickly much less dig it so quickly is impressive to say the least.  I’ve played volleyball non-competitively for about 8 years now and it’s probably my favorite sport to play now that my baseball days are over.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, as close to porn as youll find in an XBOX game

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, as close to porn as you'll find in an XBOX game

I’m fairly versatile when we play pickup games.  I’m probably one of the better back row players out of my friends, including a pair of scholarship women’s volleyball players (in their defense, they are middle blockers/outside hitters–not DS’s– for their college teams).  I even played about 3 months of competitive volleyball in a men’s league. It was weird, 85% of players were homosexual. I did alright as a right side hitter. It was fun if not really awkward to hear my teammates’ stories about their night life. Definitely awkward.  They left me and the other straight kid on my team alone for the most part, and it was definitely welcome behavior.

The other thing that made today suck a bit less was booking a flight up to see the girlfriend.  It’s been 2 months since we’ve seen each other and its been a whole lot of suck in that time.  So Saturday I’m headed to New York state for some quality time with her.  Just knowing I’m going relieves so much stress.



The one problem I already see coming up is me missing the NCAA regional in Rice if it were to happen.  The way things fell apart for Rice last week, it may not.  I may try to catch a Syracuse Chiefs game though.  The Chiefs are the Triple A affiliate of the Nationals and has quite a few names I recognize on it.  Mike McDougal, Jorge Sosa, Lastings Milledge, Ryan Langerhans, and Pete Orr all ring bells from major league seasons past.  And can I say how awesome it is that their pitching coach is a backup catcher?


Today Will Suck

May 15, 2009

The funeral happens today.  My family is starting a huge spat.  My grandmother (his first ex-wife and mother to his only biological children) was left off the obituary.  Emails – the best form of communication to express displeasure and apologies – lead to further tension.

I’m tired from driving all day and moving my lil sister out of her dorm.  You can catch my twittering for more on that.  To summarize: long drive filled with Texas music, moving sucks as cart blows a tire and leads to a fairly ugly cut on my knee, trip to buc-ees on the way home filled with Dublin Dr. Pepper.

I get to spend another 6 hours in the car tomorrow for the round trip to the funeral.

I want to see my girlfriend… it’s already been over 2 months since the last visit.


More Fun With Screen Grabs

May 2, 2009


Why yes, I read that thinking that perhaps Dick Cheney thought he wasn’t conservative enough and wanted him dead.  Poor joke and probably too soon.  Still, that’s really bad headline writing.

It now reads: “Former VP hopeful Jack Kemp dies after long illness

Advertising is Funny

May 1, 2009


So to break my 11 day absense, I guess I’ll post with something random I noticed today.  The advertisement seen to the left is ridiculous.  Who cares what this dude’s IQ is?  The guy is bald with a fumanchu.  Am I to be concerned that I’m not as intelligent as a guy who seriously wears that facial hair?  I can tell just by his appearance that I’m at least smarter than him, if not more intelligent.

On top of that… what the hell is with that creepy stare out of the corner of his eye?  Or should I point out that tooth that is plainly 5-6 shades darker?  This whole ad just creeps me out.

And yes, this is a poor attempt just to get content out there because I’m drained.