Advertising is Funny


So to break my 11 day absense, I guess I’ll post with something random I noticed today.  The advertisement seen to the left is ridiculous.  Who cares what this dude’s IQ is?  The guy is bald with a fumanchu.  Am I to be concerned that I’m not as intelligent as a guy who seriously wears that facial hair?  I can tell just by his appearance that I’m at least smarter than him, if not more intelligent.

On top of that… what the hell is with that creepy stare out of the corner of his eye?  Or should I point out that tooth that is plainly 5-6 shades darker?  This whole ad just creeps me out.

And yes, this is a poor attempt just to get content out there because I’m drained.


One Response to Advertising is Funny

  1. Bob says:

    That’s Howie Madel.

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