Today Will Suck

The funeral happens today.  My family is starting a huge spat.  My grandmother (his first ex-wife and mother to his only biological children) was left off the obituary.  Emails – the best form of communication to express displeasure and apologies – lead to further tension.

I’m tired from driving all day and moving my lil sister out of her dorm.  You can catch my twittering for more on that.  To summarize: long drive filled with Texas music, moving sucks as cart blows a tire and leads to a fairly ugly cut on my knee, trip to buc-ees on the way home filled with Dublin Dr. Pepper.

I get to spend another 6 hours in the car tomorrow for the round trip to the funeral.

I want to see my girlfriend… it’s already been over 2 months since the last visit.



One Response to Today Will Suck

  1. Other Chris says:

    Be well. In my experience, funerals always suck more than the mere circumstance of someone you love being dead because families will always find ways to make the situation worse.

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