Ejections And Truck Keyed

First, my partner never showed, so I’m there by myself. Second, Santa Fe has only 9 players. We go along fine until about the 3rd inning when both teams start running their mouths at each other. I warn both benches after a pitcher says something to a batter. I throw out a Santa Fe player in the 5th for repeating something a catcher told the pitcher in a taunting sort of way. The coach of Santa Fe yells at me for a bit, but I let him finish the game with 8 players. The crowd is giving me plenty. Santa Fe blows the lead in the last inning by giving up 4 runs. Those 4 runs were the ball game. I call it, go back to my truck, try calling my scheduler and my no-show partner. No luck with either. Great. Looks like I’m behind the plate, again, and I’ve got no partner in the field.

I go back and do the last game. A Dawson player suspiciously steps high on the first baseman’s ankle around the 2nd inning. He was stretching to the bag so I gave him benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t maliciously going for the ankle – I regret not ejecting him there. Things are going well until that same batter runner pitches in the last inning. He yells at the batter, “hey, you going to bat or what?” assuming that the batter was stalling. I immediately eject him. Santa Fe went on to win later that inning, the ball game was called due to time.

When I get out to my truck I also found the driver door had been keyed sometime in the second game. I assume it was a Santa Fe fan as they were quite hostile and I hadn’t noticed the scratch before the start of the second game. I let the Dawson coach on duty know. He seemed pretty certain it would have been a Santa Fe fan based on what he heard in the stands.

My legs are jello right now. But I called 2 hell of a games at the Connie Mack level. My strike zone was damn good. I got several compliments on how I handled the game and my strike zone (well at least from several Dawson fans and a couple old timers from Santa Fe). I’m still fucking pissed off and can’t fall asleep. Fuck. I also have 2 more games at Santa Fe, plus probably another one or two on the road in the next two weeks. I wish I could rescind those gigs. I’m definitely not fixing the door until after I finish with them. I should have worked on scheduling games at the same place on back to back days. I didn’t realize Mickey Mantle and Connie Mack alternated days. I have to catch those two teams at least 2 more times a piece. Fuck.

So yeah, that’s what happened at Dawson today.


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