So You’re Saying There’s a Chance

Hey, I’m in that video. And yes, it had to be posted.

So while perusing the admissions area of UH today, I came across an interesting piece of information.  Apparently the school has an admissions appeal process where those with extenuating circumstances (which, from their examples, sound much like mine).  The premise behind it is that if you have a GPA that doesn’t get you accepted, then you can fill out an application along with letters of support to show evidence that you deserve to be accepted.

Well, if you asked me, having a 3.33 GPA and being Dean’s List are pretty good signs that I’m pretty deserving.  So I made the call today to UH to ask questions about my admissions status.  UH has still not officially notified me that I haven’t gotten in.  I’m hoping to use that against them for the appeal process.  The deadline for appealing was July 9th, which has well past.  I’m hoping that since they haven’t notified me, I can file for an extension and get it in over the next two weeks.

I’m not very confident it will work, but my fingers are crossed.  Worst case scenario I’m right back where I was yesterday.


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