Catching Up

So, slow posting in these parts of late. Such is life, I guess. The last few weeks have been pretty busy with life, while at the same time, lacked the busy. We’ll make this a recap post of the last 3 weeks.

I Need a Job

I’m still unemployed, but much to my own credit than the market. I’ve not made a super push to get a job, instead looking here and there. I’ve made a few trips out to search for job openings, mainly to the hardware and retail stores close to home. None of the ones I visited were hiring. The lack of income is starting to be felt as school payments are being made currently.

School Days School Days Rotten Golden Rule Days

Speaking of school, it starts tomorrow. The last week has gained me ample experience in EBay,, and amazon both as a buyer and a seller. While I haven’t come close to my record of buying a book for $0.07 (plus shipping), I’ve gotten some pretty good deals so far this term. I’ve also made a profit selling some of my books from last year. So far I’ve sold three books for just over a combined $200 when I paid no more than $120.

So while that’s gone well, my one complaint is the shipping costs. These selling sites do a horrible job estimating shipping. I’ve had to pay out of pocket up to an 200% of their estimated shipping cost. As I’ve played with it, the prices have dropped, but I’m still surprised how badly it can turn out.

I Have Many Leather Bound Books

One of the highlights of the last three weeks was revisiting the Barnes & Noble that was going out of business.  For those of you who don’t remember:

I guess it’s also worth noting that before dinner, we stopped at a Barnes & Noble across the street from our restaurant.  We found out the store is closing and about 85% of the merchandise was 40% off.  THIS WAS AWESOME.  I picked up 4 classic literature books for $20.  I could have bought the whole store if I had the money.

Well I went back and got a few more books. I’ve made it through Dante’s The Inferno and most of Aesop’s Fables. The more I read from Aesop, the funnier I find posting on mgoblog’s mgoboard to be. Many of the same logical fallacies of it’s characters show up in every day posting. Perhaps one day I’ll just start posting the parables after dumb comments. Perhaps not.

I’m also looking forward to the collected writings of Thomas Paine and the complete Sherlock Holmes collection. I find it a shame I can’t relate to those who discuss either collection as they are each so important to American politics and literature respectively.

All Your MGoBlogs Are Belong To Us

I’ve made a couple posts at mgoblog over the last few weeks. I’ve got a Women’s Soccer Season Preview, some informative posts, a few baseball updates, and a Field Hockey Season Preview (due out today I think). The transition is going as smoothly as one would expect during football season. I’ve gotten one true hate comment so far. That’s pretty solid, all things considered.

Hopefully posting here should even out over the next week or so. I’m not expecting school to over take too much of my current pattern of writing more on the weekends, but if I do find a job, that could slip as well.


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