Colin Cowherd Blew My Mind

And it wasn’t even for saying something so totally mind-blowing-ly stupid either, which was really surprising. The moment came a few days ago as I was driving from the post office to the gas station and hit some major static on my iTrip. I don’t often listen to the radio anymore these days, especially in Houston. Everything is repetitive and censored to death.

When I do listen to the radio, I often find myself hooked into ESPN’s fairly new station for the Houston area, 97.5 The Ticket. While most of the morning shows are pretty weak as far as content, occasionally Mike & Mike in the morning or Tirico & VanPelt (now just VanPelt) would at least humor me. When I turned on the radio this time, it was Cowherd, my least favorite sports radio guy, okay, maybe second least favorite behind Carl Dukes.

Cowherd is the shock jock type of sports radio personalities. He continually comes up with the weirdest ideas (some of which he steals right from blogs) and is a constant center of hate. He hates everything. It’s his shtick. He gets people riled up over placing blame or calling players worthless. It’s normally sickening.

This time was a little bit different. During one of his regular, non-sport tangents where he talks about life in a rambling and nearly incoherent manner, he said something along these lines (not paraphrase):

The nature of society is that the intelligent become more intelligent while the dumb become more ignorant. Smart people read smart things like the news and the Economist, while the ignorant watch television that is tailored to the lowest denominator. It helps create and steepen the divide between the intellectuals and the non.

This might have been the most intelligent thing Cowherd has ever said, not that it would be too difficult to top.

I think that description perfectly describes my school as well. Being at a community college, I see the two groups put together all of the time. Many of the soon to be ignorant show up in my classes all the time. Each semester there is "that douche" who comes in and acts all big. The kid acts like he’s top of the heap, but all he’s really doing is stalling before he enters the work force at a menial job.

The other example was my English class last semester when I was lectured on how Christian God must exist because "the world is beautiful." Or the girl who spent 20 minutes arguing with me that global warming doesn’t exist. Hell, half the people here in Texas have some sort of screwed up world view, but that’s because when you go out to a restaurant, all they show during the day before sports is FoxNews.

On the other end, there are quite a few at the community college that I relate to as they are there to increase their knowledge. They want to be educated. I had a conversation with a kid just a few days ago on the merits of RSS feeds as a condensed internet content filter. It was pretty interesting.

To bring it back to the point, the thought Cowherd throws out is definitely an interesting one from the standpoint of philosophy and sociology. I guess even sometimes a village idiot can say something truly enlightening.


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