My Friend Coaches Volleyball

Subtitle: I promise I’m not a creeper.

A few days ago, I was invited by a friend of mine from high school to watch her coach a high school junior varsity volleyball game. As mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of volleyball, and I’m more than willing to go to any game offered. That said, how creepy is it for a 20-something year old guy to go watch a bunch of high school girls in spandex? Exactly.

DSCN0008 My friend is the tall coach in the middle of the huddle

Luckily enough, I was only there by myself for about 10 minutes before another friend of mine showed up, a female, to take the creeper look down from 11 to just 5 or so. I mean, I did still have a camera and take quite a few pictures.

DSCN0015 The setter was giving her hitters the ball a bit too far back.

Nothing against the girls on my friends team, but they looked pretty bad. I blame my opinion slightly on not having watched a high school game in at least 4 years, but also to this particular high schools new program and smaller sample size compared to my old high school. This new high school is around half the size of my high school, and the lack of depth is very apparent.

DSCN0017 The sets did get better, I wish I had that vertical

That said, the game at least stayed interesting, and the two teams got better as the game progressed. I was really impressed by the home team’s #7. Her sets were money compared to the team’s actual setter. In the end, the JV would win in 5 sets.


The varsity came on after the JV and were leaps and bounds better, which is somewhat to be expected, but the margin was so great, I was rather stunned. It’s amazing how that one off season of club ball can really pick up some of the girls’ games.

DSCN0032 Crossing shot from the outside hitter

The home team was anchored by some pretty good outside hitting and a really good setter. The setter did a really good job of placement on her sets, but her hitters weren’t all that consistent. Their big hitter didn’t distribute her hits very well. The above picture was one of her few cross shots around the block. Way too many went straight into the hands of the blockers.

DSCN0031 The face she’s making cracks me up

The home team still held on to this one for the win, although, I’ve already forgotten the score. I want to say it was in 4 sets. It certainly wasn’t 5.

DSCN0035 Victory for the home team

In a note totally unrelated to the game, it was weird at one point as I was talking with my coach friend. One of her players ran up to me and told me her coach could do “the jerk.” I’m pretty disconnected with mainstream pop songs, but apparently that’s some sort of dance. I was confused as all get out.


It was fun to get back out and see some volleyball in person. Now if I just had a less crappy camera.


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