Photo Story: Concrete Canoe Social Activity

P4080006Being a civil engineer, much of my time is spent huddled at a desk working out mathematical queries or researching some sort of technical topic. Many nights, when not making waste of my homework time following the inner workings of college baseball, I’m up very late, frustrated and slamming my head into my desk over yet another statics problem involving a simply supported beam that is loaded with a drum held down by a belt and an applied distributed force acting as a creating an internal moment and shear within the beam. It’s not a lot of fun.

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Occasionally though, engineering has its lighter days. This afternoon was one of those, as the concrete canoe team busted out with two of the three department vessels for a day on the south pond. Food, fun, and flipping deans into the water – what else could be more fun?

P4080011 A group unloads the 350lb canoe

Not being fully integrated into the CivE community in just my first semester, I’m not a part of the concrete canoe or ASCE groups yet, so I acted as a casual observer for a bit. Plus, I figured I’d take my sister’s position of blister – show up after all the work is done.

P4080017 Race One

As I mentioned, there were deans involved. The two… errr.. older gentlemen are the Dean of Academics and Dean of Business Affairs. They were by far the life of the party today. They may also have been the worst drivers.

P4080021 "Ramming Speed!"

Luckily that’s not this year’s competition canoes out there, as the "Pioneer", helmed by the deans, would have ripped a whole in this year’s "Force" ship. The deans would lose their first race, but they took the second by a large margin against a female team.

P4080033 Bustin’ out the whip

There was enough of a lead that they only used one oarsman for the last half of the pond as the rear went with the whip motion, then laid back and just complained about working too hard. A good time for all. To spice it up, the third race was 4-person (2 male, 2 female) race.

P4080053 It started close, but the deans cheated turned way early.

To end the race, there was a bit of a brush up between the teams. "Prepare to be boarded, yarr!" was the rallying call from one of the deans.

P4080070 A big of a high stick there?

In the end, the aggressors got what was coming to them. Their boat already took water during the race, and after the skirmish, they’d see it sink.

P4080073 Oh noes! We’re going down!

The boat made it to the bottom, only to return after everyone evacuated. The concrete, being less dense than the water, allowed it to float back up to the top.

P4080079 Solid turn out

Only one more race happened after that. Dr. Welch and Dr. McGinnis took on the top rowing team of the students.  The race was no contest.

P4080084 No, you’re supposed to go to the other end, THEN turn around

Not seen above, the two students already down the pond about 60 yards. Quite one sided. There was also some free food around, but by then, the camera had been put away. Glorious day outside, definitely some good times.


Now back to the regularly scheduled homework for the guy in picture staring out to sea.


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