Sick at Home – MS Paint

September 8, 2009


With the hilarious MS Paint going around mgoboard and me being stuck at home sick, I needed something to keep me occupied. I give you Lexi Zimmerman vs Nebraska. I’m still disappointed with the neck line and face, but I thought the lower body worked out really well with the shadowing.


T-Minus 2 hours

June 15, 2009


I’m umpiring the team that keyed my car tonight, this time at their home field.  There may be blood.

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

April 13, 2009


Just getting up for the day.  I’m still behind from the weekend as I didn’t get anything done yesterday after getting home.  Recap is due out this evening and Stat Watch hopefully tomorrow.  For now, enjoy this photoshop… and no, I couldn’t figure out how to digitally place Chris Fetter over the pitcher from Angels in the Outfield (7:35 mark).  Back to work I guess.

The Devolver

February 12, 2009

So this is one of those posts where I talk about a random link I found cool.  In this one, a site remembering Charles Darwin allows you to “Devolve Me.”  This site has had some greatly increased traffic over the last week in the build up to Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday (today).

So I got to playing with Devolve Me and decided to go with a picture from facebook, as all of my picture faces are pretty unnatural anyways.

Pictures after the jump

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